Material Number & Industry Sector

ImageIn SAP-MM, We can define a Material Number uniquely identifying a material master record. We can assign mnemonic keys or nonmnemonic keys as material numbers, depending on the method your company prefers. For this reason, we can  have the following types of number assignment in SAP:

  • Image
    External Number Assignment : If your company uses mnemonic keys (normally alphanumeric), you enter the character string you want to use as the material number when you create the material master record.
  • Internal Number Assignment :If your company uses nonmnemonic keys, you do not enter a material number when creating a material master record. Instead, the system assigns a consecutive number to the material. This number is visible when you maintain the material master record.

For Industry Sectors ,when we create a material master record, we are required to classify the material according to industry sector and material type. Like material types, industry sectors have control functions in the R/3 System. For example, it is a factor determining the screen sequence and field selection in a material master record. Once you have assigned an industry sector to a material, you cannot change the industry sector again afterwards.

The standard R/3 System contains the following industry sectors. The ID used to identify the industry sector internally appears in parentheses.

  • •Plant engineering and construction (A) Image
  • • Chemical industry (C)
  • • Mechanical engineering (M)
  • Pharmaceuticals (P)

The other sectors are for retail



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