Breakdown Maintenance



Sometimes, the maintenance work centers need to take immediate action, due to unexpected machine breakdowns, accidents or other malfunctions, even though neither the type nor the scope of the activities required are known.  Maintenance of this nature is referred to as Breakdown Maintenance.

In SAP Plant Maintenance, we can have a process where a production manager or requester will fill out a manual work order form ( ideally the manual form should be identical to the system generated form in SAP ). The technician(s)(mechanic or groups of mechanics) will now execute the job indicated in the maintenance work order form and his findings if any.After all the work is being done, the requester will acknowledge the repairs/work done by the technician. On the next day,the maintenance planner will encode all findings and transactions (like spare parts used, actual duration of the work) in SAP with date based on the Manual Work Order form and performs the technical completion of the maintenance order(TECO). Finance department will run a periodic settlement in which it will post the proper charges to the cost center. After all items are being settled, they fill perform the business completion of the maintenance work order(BUCO) to close the maintenance work order.


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