Sample SAP PM Roles for Manufacturing


Below are samples of Plant Maintenance Roles, whenever we implement it in a plant, we also want to determine persons job and the access to be granted within the maintenance process and its role in the organization.

Maintenance Manager

The maintenance manager monitors all the maintenance activities in an organization and holds sole responsibility for revisions.

The maintenance manager:

  •   Monitors the maintenance budget
  •  Approves Improvement work orders
  •  Draws up statistics and performs analyses (for example, with reference to breakdowns and costs)
  •  Monitors the key performance indicators (for example, maintenance efficiency)
  •  Draws up cost center reports as well as breakdown and maintenance statistics
  •  Displays notifications, orders, master data, and maintenance plans

Maintenance Planner

The maintenance planner sets up orders, and plans the type, scope, resources, and deadlines of the necessary tasks with regard to operational constraints.

The maintenance planner, known as a work scheduler, is also responsible for Planned Maintenance (Inspection and Preventive Maintenance)

The maintenance planner:

  •  Sets up orders
  •  Plans work, material, deadlines, personnel, and costs, as well as external services and material
  •  Coordinates maintenance activities with Production
  •  Approves planned work orders
  •  Works out the weekly timetable
  •  Draws up long-term planning
  •  Monitors the deadlines for orders, completion confirmations, and maintenance work

Maintenance Engineer

The maintenance engineer is responsible for ensuring that maintenance work is executed correctly and on time. As the direct contact person for technicians, external companies, and maintenance planners, the maintenance engineer oversees the daily work in the workshop.

The maintenance engineer also monitors order-related budget allocations to ensure they are not exceeded and operational regulations in processing.

The maintenance engineer:

  •  Accepts malfunction reports and maintenance requests
  •  Draws up the daily planning for individual technicians
  •  Organizes breakdown maintenance
  •  Processes notifications and orders
  •  Prints and distributes shop papers
  •  Enters actual times and material consumption, as well as measurement documents and technical confirmation data
  •  Ensures that deadlines are met
  •  Monitors order-related budget allocations
  •  Communicates directly with external companies and accepts their services
  •  Monitors the quality of the work performed

Maintenance Technician

The technician executes the daily maintenance work that is due. The actual job title or description depends on the specific work involved (for example, mechanic or electrician).

The technician:

  • Executes planned and unplanned maintenance work
  • Withdraws materials from the warehouse
  •  Enters actual data for the work performed (in the Work order form)
  •  The technician reports to the maintenance engineer.

Call-up User/End-user

The Call-up User/End-user:

  •  Reports maintenance request
  •  Encodes the request thru the SAP system
  •  Prints out the request for approval (case-to-case basis)
  •  Acknowledges work done by the technician




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