Time Confirmation:SAP-PM Standard Functionality


pm confirm

The standard confirmation functionality in SAP Plant Maintenance offers the following forms of entry:

  • Single entry  per maintenance order and operation (You call up an overview of all operations and sub-operations for a specific maintenance order and enter confirmation data for the required order operation).
  • In many cases the data to be entered as operation confirmations will be entered on a paper form by the technician carrying out the work.  This data will then be entered into the system later on by a typist.  Entering the data is made easier by Multiple Confirmation.
  • Whenever confirmations for operations/sub-operations of a maintenance order have been entered, the operations/sub-operations will automatically be assigned the status Partially Confirmed  by the system.
  • As soon as all operations/sub-operations of a maintenance order have been completely confirmed, the maintenance order itself will be assigned the status Completely Confirmed.
  • Occasionally, confirmations may have been assigned to the wrong operation/sub-operation or have been entered with incorrect data.  For this reason the system provides the possibility to Cancel the confirmation.

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