PM Reports: An Overview


In Plant Maintenance , SAP also provide various standard reports for various KPI’s.


■Once maintenance work is completed, you transfer specific data to history.  This occurs after all the work has been carried out, changes to the equipment have been recorded, resources use confirmed, costs allocated, etc.

■ The information comes from the maintenance of master data and notifications, work orders, and other transaction documents.  This PM History is available to evaluate past work and to plan future work.

■ The following information is available for reporting and analysis from Plant Maintenance:

  • Maintenance History (List Reports) – Data related to the problems and malfunctions recorded on Notifications plus data from work orders. List reports that reference the values entered on the original transaction documents can be generated.
  • Condition and Performance – readings recorded on a measurement document, which can be queried for unusual values or specific readings that could be a basis for triggering follow-on processes.
  • Usage History – will show you the master record as it existed at the time a change was made.
  • Change History – This means keeping track of “changes” and recording the changes, for example, for a piece of equipment, who made the change, when, what the change was, etc.
  • Evaluation and Analysis – This refers to Standard Analyses and Flexible Analyses in PMIS.

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