Maintenance Plan: Scheduling Functions



Start is the normal function to start a maintenance plan for a technical object that has just been brought into service for which inspection activities need to begin.

Scheduling is the function that calls up the next maintenance order after the previous one has been completed.  It is not normally performed manually but triggered by the technical completion of the order and the deadline-monitoring program.

Start in the current cycle: You can start scheduling your maintenance order in the current cycle.  This function is useful if, previously, you have been using a different system to SAP for your maintenance.

If, for example, the maintenance strategy you have assigned to your maintenance plan has three packages-monthly, every 4 months, and every 6 months, then instead of starting scheduling with the package ‘monthly’ you can decide to start with the 6-monthly package and give the date that the last preventive maintenance work was carried out.

Manual call: In addition, you can schedule a maintenance plan call for a specific date manually.  With a manual call you can enter further dates I between without affecting the normal schedule.  To do so, enter the following data:

Call date and due maintenance packages.


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