Work Clearance / Work Permits

ImageThe Work Clearance or Work Permit is an operational safety barrier to protect against undesired incidents. It is a written document that authorizes specified persons to carry out specified work at a specified time and also describes both the work to be carried out and the requirements, that must be fulfilled.

Work permits are categorized in different levels, depending on risk considerations and the need for coordination and it can be created for a Work Clearance Management relevant order or for one or more operations.

We need Work Permits / Work Clearance for the following:

  •  For the Maintenance Crews who are working in hazardous environments ( i.e high voltage  or radiation exposure )
  •  On Maintenance measures that need to be performed while systems are operational.
  •  On Operation of a technical system that must not be affected in any circumstances.
  •  For Work related illnesses which require special health and safety measures ( i.e LOCKOUT/TAGOUT, fire protection, radiation protection, etc )

With SAP- PM WCM , it will enable us to monitor and control these activities thus ensuring  a safe working conditions for the maintenance technicians.

Below is a sample wherein we can include Work Clearance / Work Permits in Maintenance Order Processing coming from Notification or Maintenance Plan :


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