ImageIn SAP Plant Maintenance, Capacity requirements planning supports the detailed work scheduling for the individual maintenance Work Centers.

It aims at determining the capacity available at individual work centers and to use it optimally in view of daily requirement changes. They are maximized as far as possible in view of the changing daily requirements. Therefore, it can help us determine which Work Centers and individual persons are available and when assigning them to Maintenance Work Orders and Work Order Operations.

ImageIn Plant Maintenance with relation to capacities, we can do the following:

  • You can assign the work of a whole order to an employee while you enter or process the order.
  • This order-based assignment of work is an alternative to the method of allocating one or more employees to individual operations – although this method will continue to be supported.
  •  Responsible employee in the order header:  With the partner determination procedure you can assign an order to an employee.  You can choose different types of partners but the role must be that of a person.
  • Automatic creation of capacity load for the employee:  For partners of the type Personnel, you can determine in the partner determination procedure that capacity load records are automatically created for the employee.  If an employee has already been entered manually for an operation, this assignment is not overwritten by the automatic assignment.
  • Personnel planning functions for assignment in the order: The following functions are available via help for employee assignment:

– List of employees per work center

– Qualification overview

– Qualification and scheduling overview

– Qualification comparison with reason

– usage list per employee

– Scheduling overview including HR-attendance/absences (holidays, sickness)


Depending on the business requirement, in Plant Maintenance, we can use the Graphical or Tabular Planning Board or Multi Resource Scheduler ( MRS ) for Work Scheduling.


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