ImageThe reasons we used External Services or Third Parties are:

  • Missing Qualification: A company’s own labor force is not always qualified to carry out every type of maintenance work.  It is often the case that certain types of work will need to be given to external companies who have focused on this area (for example, lift servicing, the maintenance of air conditioning systems, process control etc.)
  • Unavailable Capacity: External Services or Third Parties can be used to supplement the capacity of the internal labor force (for example during betterment projects, turnarounds, end of the year maintenance etc.)
  • Costs: The question of whether external labor is more cost-effective than internal labor is not simply a case of primary cost comparisons( that is, the amount on the invoice) but also of the secondary cost comparison. That is, the administrative costs associated with managing external companies such as order planning, purchasing, service acceptance, invoice checking etc.

In SAP Plant Maintenance, we can do this by using Control Keys:

ImagePM01: The external service is handheld, via an internal order, like internal work

PM02: the external service is processed with a purchase requisition and an individual standard purchase

PM03: the external service is processed on the basis service items or service specifications and, later on, by service measurements.



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