ImageMaintenance Task Lists describe a sequence of maintenance activities.

You can use them in order to standardize recurring activities, plan them more effectively, and create maintenance orders and maintenance plans more effectively.

In the Plant Maintenance component, maintenance task lists can be used for routine and planned maintenance work.  In addition, task lists specify the spare parts and tools required for the work steps and the time required to perform the work.


If you have maintenance task lists in your system, you can create maintenance orders and maintenance plans more effectively, because you refer to the operations and sequences specified in the maintenance task list.  This means that when you create a maintenance order for maintenance work which is already described in a maintenance task list, you only need to specify, this task list and the required times: you need not specify the individual operations because they are defaulted from the task list itself.  If the same maintenance work is required again shortly afterwards, you can again create a maintenance order and refer to the task list.

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