ImageA work center can be:

  •  A machine
  •  A group of machines
  • A person
  • A group of persons

ImageIn SAP Plant Maintenance, Work Centers can be used in the following ways :

  • Responsible work center in the master record of the equipment or                     functional location.
  • Responsible work center in a maintenance item.
  •  Responsible work center in the task list header.
  •  Work center performing the work, specified in the task list operations
  •  Responsible work center in the order header.
  • Work center performing the work, specified in the order operations.

In SAP the Work Center can contain the following data:

  • The Basic Data contains the general data such as work center type, description, responsibility, and usage, as well as the standard value keys.
  • The Standard Values contain planning values for performing an operation.  On the basis of these planning values and with particular formulas, the system can calculate the costs, execution time, and required capacity of the work center.  The standard value key  and the rule for maintenance  in the work center determine which standard values should or can be specified in the operation and which units of measurement are to be displayed in the operation.
  •  Links create the interrelationship between work centers and other objects within the SAP System.  A work center can be linked to the following objects:

-Cost center




 The Function of a Work Center in Plant Maintenance can be the ff:
  • Costing:  Costing can be used to determine the costs of internal activity.  Its goal is to assign to the various cost objects the cost that were incurred by them.  Costing links the operation to Cost Accounting by means of the cost center and activity type maintained in the operation.  If the work center is used in an operation, standard values can be entered for the activity types specified in the work center.
  •  Scheduling:  Scheduling helps define the dates for carrying out work.  This requires that the time required by the work order operations are compared with the time available in the work center. When  the operations are scheduled, the system determines the start and end dates of the operations on the basis of scheduling formulas specified in the work centers.
  •  Capacity planning:  Capacity planning compares the capacity requirements of the work order operations with the available capacity of the work center.  Via work center hierarchies it is possible to aggregate the available and the required capacity from work centers at a lower level to work centers at a higher level.

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