ImageSCENARIO: In a Particular Plant, There are Common Equipments, for example,  MOTORS , and PUMPS. In SAP Plant Maintenance, we can distinguish these common Equipments by creating a Material Item for Equipment so that it can have the Plant Maintenance Order Management functionality and we can be able to track their Maintenance History.

  • ImageA Material Master Record contains all the data required to describe and manage a material. However, you are not able to distinguish individual items of this material with the material master record alone.  This is why SAP provides material serial number management.  You use material serial numbers for serialized individual material items thus allowing you to customize your system in a way that makes the combination of material number and serial number unique.
  • You can create Equipment Master Records for material items which have a serial number. These items then have the complete functionality of PM maintenance order management and maintenance history.
  • Serial Number Profiles :  in order to be able to attribute serial numbers to material items when particular business transactions are carried out (e.g., goods issue), you first have to create serial number profiles in your system and enter them in the master records of the materials to be serialized.
  • There are many different transactions in which you may attribute material serial numbers to material items, for example, at goods receipt, at inspection, in the sales order, and at delivery.  Of course, you can attribute serial numbers during these business transactions only if a serial number profile is specified in the material master record.
  • Depending on the profile, one of the following two rules applies:

A: The material serial numbers must have been created in the system before they can be attributed to serialized materials.

B:  The material serial numbers can be created at the time they are to be  attributed to serialized materials.

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