Image A Functional Location is an Organizational unit that structures / represents the objects of a company according to functional, process-oriented, or spatial criteria.

A Functional Location represents the place at which a maintenance task is to be performed.


  • You should structure your technical system by means of functional locations whenever
  1. You want represent the structures of your company’s technical systems according to process-oriented/functional criteria.
  2. Maintenance tasks have to be carried out for certain parts of your technical system and this work has to be recorded.
  3. ·Technical data has to be stored and analyzed over a long period of time for certain parts of your technical system
  4. ·The costs resulting from maintenance tasks have to be reported for certain parts of your technical system
  5. ·You want to analyze the effects of the usage within the technical system on the installed equipment’s proneness to damage
  • The numbers given to the functional locations have a hierarchical layout: the layout of these numbers can be defined according to company criteria.
  • The master  record of a functional location contains the following data groups:

Location and maintenance data: for example, maintenance plant and cost center, structure indicator, superior functional location and responsible maintenance planner group.

Partner data: describes particular responsibilities for a functional location, e.g. supplier, buyer.

Below is a Typical sample of a Functional Location:


  • Every position in the structure of the technical system represents an individual functional location.
  • You can structure the different parts of the technical system in different degrees of detail.
  • Other typical examples for functional location structures are:
          ·Power plants
          ·Chemical or pharmaceutical processing plants
          ·Vehicles (streetcars, locomotives, cranes,….)
          ·Pipeline systems
          ·Production lines
          ·Steel Plants

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