ImageIn SAP Plant Maintenance, a Equipment is an individual, physical object that is to be maintained independently. It can be installed in a technical system or part of a technical system.


You should create an equipment master record for a technical object whenever:

Individual data has to be managed for the object

  • Damage to the object can lead to the need to maintain the object on a regular basis      and this must be documented
  • Technical has to be stored and analyzed over a long period of time.
  • The time for which the object is installed at a functional location needs monitoring.
The master  record of a piece of equipment contains several types of data:
  • General Data refers to information which normally does not change over the course of time, for example, acquisition value of the piece of equipment, size, year of manufacture.


  • Maintenance Data, Location Data and Sales Data refers to information which can change over the course of time, for example, maintenance planner group, responsible work center, location plant, cost center.
  • On the basis of the time-related data, you can monitor a piece of equipment dynamically, i.e., changes to the equipment in a certain interval of time.  If your system is customized appropriately, it automatically creates a new time segments whenever certain changes are made in the master record.  The time segment describes the use of the equipment.  Serialization Data is information you enter whenever you want to manage a piece of equipment not only as an individual object but also as an object subject to inventory management.  For example, as a material which can be stocked and sold to customers.  Partner Data is information describing particular responsibilities for a piece of equipment, for example, supplier, buyer.



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