ImageHere is a sample on how a Refurbishment is being done in Plant Maintenance:

ImageProcurement of spare parts: For certain high-value components you procure spares in order to be able to replace the component immediately in the case of a breakdown.  Procurement of spares is handled by Material Management.  The spares are ordered and delivered.

Withdrawal of repairable spares/return of defective repairable spares: When a repairable spares item becomes defective, then it must be replaced with another suitable one.  The defective part is removed and sent back to the warehouse while a replacement spare part is withdrawn from the warehouse and installed in its place.
Creating a refurbishment order: When the number of defective repairable spares in the warehouse has reached a certain level, the maintenance planner in charge creates a refurbishment order.  The planner defines the timeframe for the refurbishment and plans all the operations materials, tools, etc. required for the refurbishment.
Order release: After planning has been completed, the refurbishment order is released.
Withdrawal from the warehouse: The defective/used repairable spares as well as any additional materials planned in the order which are needed for the refurbishment are withdrawn from the warehouse.
Confirmation: The work done, the refurbishment order is confirmed by the employees concerned.  These confirmations show the work progress.
Return to warehouse: The repaired/refurbished parts are returned to the warehouse in accordance with the planning in the order as a goods receipt.  To this end, you can call up the object list from the refurbishment order as a reference.  It helps you identify individual repairable spares.  If an item cannot be refurbished, cancel the reservation and post it to scrap.
Order completion: The order can be completed as soon as refurbishment is finished.


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