ImageEvery maintenance notification includes header data, i.e., information needed for the identification and management of the maintenance notification.  This data is valid for the complete maintenance notification.

In a Notification item, you can enter and maintain data in order to determine, in more detail, a problem or the damage that has occurred.  A notification can have several items.

Activities document the tasks performed for a notification. They are particularly important in inspections, as they prove that certain tasks have been performed.

Image Task data describe maintenance work, which needs to be executed.  The emphasis is on planning and organizing the work.  With tasks you can plan the work across different people, and monitor the execution of activity over time.

All the types of maintenance notifications that have been mentioned can be raised either for a functional location or a piece of equipment, in each case with or without assembly, or for a material serial number. 

 The objects on the maintenance notification depend on their hierarchical order, i.e. if you enter a maintenance notification for an assembly on a piece of equipment which, in turn, is assigned to a functional location, the system will also transfer all the relevant data of the piece of equipment and the functional location.

 It is also possible to enter the maintenance notifications without entering an object number.  This is useful in the case, for example, when the malfunction report refers to an object, which is not maintained in the system under a number, or if a maintenance requests refers to an object that needs to be made ready for an investment program.


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