A Malfunction report describes the malfunction of an object that constraints its performance in one way or another.  In a malfunction report, a technician in Production, for example, can report a reduction in performance or complete loss of performance, or an input on product quality.

 An Activity report describes a maintenance activity that has already been performed and which was not required due to malfunction or damage.  It is a purely technical documentation of work carried out and states which activities where performed when, why and with what result.  It is therefore used for the technical confirmation of maintenance work.

 A Maintenance request is a direct request to the maintenance department to perform a particular service. The decisive factor is that no malfunction has been detected.  Maintenance requests are used, for example, when an employee needs a new monitor or when all the telephones need to be replaced in one part of the building.

Each type of notification has the same data fields and functions.  However, screens vary slightly in structure for the different notification types.




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