There are three different ways to confirm the time worked on a maintenance order:

  •  Single entry of times per order operation
  •  Multiple entry by direct entry via a list of operations
  • Entry via cross-application time sheet (CATS)
  • Activities performed are entered as maintenance notifications of the type ”Activity Report” and assigned to the corresponding order.  Alternatively, confirmation texts can be entered with completion confirmations of time.  However, these are not as easy to structure and analyze as activity reports.
  • Technical changes such as rebuilds are entered as changes to the master data of the technical object concerned.
  • Measurement readings for the technical object are entered as measurement documents.

When carrying out maintenance on technical objects, technical data is very important, particularly for the evaluation of maintenance work. Technical data can provide information on:

The cause of damage

  1. The exact damage location on the object
  2. Performed work/activities and results
  3. Breakdowns
  4. Availability of the technical object during and after maintenance work

You can enter this data for technical objects in the object list of the maintenance order with the help of maintenance notifications.

The data from the maintenance notification is transferred to the notification history on completion of the notification.  It is a part of the maintenance history and contains information on damage, malfunctions, causes, results and maintenance work performed for each technical object.


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