Why Plant Maintenance?

“PM Planning accounts for a substantial volume of expenditure and must, therefore, be carried out efficiently.”

“Ensure the availability of operational facilities at an optimum cost.”


Plant Maintenance

            Comprises ‘all measure for maintaining and restoring the target condition as well as determining and assessing the actual condition of the technical equipment in a system’.

Ø  Preventive Maintenance (maintaining the target condition)

Ø  Inspection (assessing the actual condition)

Ø  Repairs (restoring the target condition)

Ø  Improvement

3 Main business processes:

Ø  Breakdown maintenance (repair)

o   PM11 Breakdown

Ø  Corrective maintenance (planning and control of maintenance task)

o   PM12 Condition-based

o   PM13 Improvement

Ø  Planned Maintenance (maintenance planning)

o   PM14 Time-based

o   PM15 Usage-based

3 Main tasks:

Ø  Planning

Ø  Execution

Ø  Verification for Financial purposes

3 Main Roles

Ø  PM Planner

Ø  PM Technician

Ø  Controller



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