A Straight Forward Breakdown request Process for Plant Maintenance

Image  This shows the typical breakdown process for Plant Maintenance wherein the SAP User will create a Notification to the Maintenance Planner. The Maintenance Planner will validate the Notification. After the Notification is Validated, the Planner will now convert the Notification to Maintenance Order. In this process, the Maintenance Planner will input the necessary Task and Components ( Stock or Non Stock Items ) and Release the Maintenance Order for Approval of the Department Head or Supervisor. After the Maintenance Order is Approved, the Maintenance Planner will then Print the Order and distribute it to the Mechanic. The Mechanic will go to the Plant Stores to Withdraw the necessary Materials. The Storekeeper will Validate the Materials based on the Maintenance Work Order Form. The Mechanic will now then execute the work as indicated in the Maintenance Order. After all the repairs are done, the Mechanic will now give the accomplished Maintenance Order to the Planner. The Planner will now validate if the job is properly done and record the actual start/end time  through Final Confirmation. If there are no additional jobs, the Maintenance Planner will mark the Maintenance Order as Technically Complete (TECO) and at the end of the month, it will be Settled and Closed by the Finance Department.


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